Computer gadget I’ve been waiting for

I have seen the future of computing: it’s a device called the Pogoplug that connects your external hard drives and USB drives to the internet, so that you can access your files from any net-connected computer. It costs only $99 and there is no monthly fee.

This is something I’ve needed for a long time. At work I have a desktop computer and a laptop that I bring with me on travel. It’s nearly impossible to keep the files on these two synchronized. There are times when I need something from my home computer as well. So what I’m going to do is buy a Pogoplug, hook up a 2 TB drive and just keep everything there. The hard drives on the local machines will contain only the operating system and programs — everything else will be maintained (in encrypted form for security) on central storage.

There are drawbacks of course. The Pogoplug works by way of servers maintained by the Pogoplug company, so if they go belly-up you have a $99 doorstop. On the other hand, at least you still have your hard drives and the data they contain!


2 Responses

  1. can that device connect to my iPhone?then i can connect that device to the internet by using my iphone?

    lets imagine if we have web app that can run the hardisk without the hard disk connected with the computer…

  2. I think this device only allows you to connect a hard drive to the internet, but I’m not sure.

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