Google to meter your electricity use

This sounds pretty cool. Google is working with a number of electric utilities to provide consumers with real-time access to their electricity consumption data. According to the post on the Official Google Blog:

We believe that detailed data on your personal energy use belongs to you, and should be available in an open standard, non-proprietary format. You should control who gets to see your data, and you should be free to choose from a wide range of services to help you understand it and benefit from it.

Of course, to take advantage of this you have to have a smart meter. My utility still uses the old dumb kind. There are commercial products available that provide the same information. I’ve been considering buying this device. I have this simpler device and have used it to characterize most of the plug loads in my house.


One Response

  1. PowerMeter is a fantastic free software, the equipment is everywhere now. The TED Is a little outdated in my opinion. The Envi, on the other hand, made by UK company current cost is the best.

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