My favorite things Chicago

1. Authors: Nelson Algren, Saul Bellow, Theodore Dreiser. Barack Obama? Haven’t read anything by him yet though will probably be seeing some executive orders soon.

2. Restaurants: Hard to say since Chez Paul’s closed. My high school French teacher used to take a group to dinner there every year. Morton’s Steakhouse is good. Have reservations at NoMi on Wednesday. Hot dogs, pizza and Italian beef sandwiches in this town are spectacular almost anywhere.

3. Movies: Blues Brothers, Ferris Beuler’s Day Off, The Untouchables, The Fugitive.

4. Museums: Almost too many to mention. I used to cut school to wander around the Museum of Science and Industry. The Art Institute’s collection of impressionists is unparalleled. Shedd Aquarium is nice too.

5. Hotels: I would say the Drake is my favorite. Had a suite there a few years ago that I really could have moved into. Beautiful view of the lake. Getting a little tired of the Palmer House, which is where they always hold this conference. I have closets bigger than this room.

Hat tip to Tyler Cowen who always does this.


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